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Kino Atlantic | Wydarzenia - Polish movies with English subtitles
22 lipca

Polish movies with English subtitles

Polish movies with English subtitles



Najlepsze polskie tytuły z angielskimi napisami w Kinie Atlantic.

Kino Atlantic rozpoczęło projekt wyświetlania polskich filmów z angielskimi napisami. W repertuarze kina pojawią się filmy kierowane do osób anglojęzycznych. 



The best of Polish movies with English subtitles in Kino Atlantic.

Kino Atlantic started a project of screening Polish movies with English subtitles. We will be showing movies for our English-speaking audience.


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„CLERGY" (Kler)

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A few years back tragic events tied the fate of three Catholic priests. From then on they meet on every anniversary of the disaster to celebrate their survival. On an everyday basis they have their ups and downs. Lisowski works at the curia in a big city, has a career and is dreaming of the Vatican. Problem is, archbishop Mordowicz, an opulent church official who uses his political influence to build the largest sanctuary in Poland, gets in his way. The second priest, Trybus, is a village parson. He ministers to a poor community and gives in to human weaknesses more and more often. Kukuła is not faring well either. Despite his fervent faith, he loses the trust of his parishioners actually overnight. Soon the stories of the three clergymen are going to join once again.


„7 EMOTIONS" (7 uczuć)  

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Adaś Miauczyński recalls some of the most memorable episodes of his childhood years when – as most of us – he had considerable problems with identifying the emotions he felt inside. To improve the quality of his adult life he makes a decision to go back to the period that was not, as it turns out, as cheerful and carefree as he remembered. His mission: to learn how to fully experience seven of the most fundamental human emotions. This exceedingly unpredictable journey to the past results in a plethora of funny – often hilarious – situations but also leads to many touching and thought-provoking moments.


„A CAT WITH A DOG"  (Jak pies z kotem)

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A bittersweet portrait of family relations inspired by true events. Filled with ironic humor, the story follows the life of an unconventional family in which conflicts and rivalry are intertwined with moments of affection and authentic intimacy.

When Andrzej suddenly falls ill, his younger brother puts aside their differences and the wall of disagreements that grew between them over the years, and decides to help his sibling in his hour of need.


„53 WARS"  (53 wojny)

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Anna and Witek, a young married couple, are very much in love. He is a war correspondent who spends the better part of the year at the heart of raging conflicts. Her days are spent waiting for him to come home. She tries to lead a normal life, but her fears for Witek start to overcome her efforts. She begins preparing herself for the worst…



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